Tuesday, 18 December 2012

final PCC sem 1 yer 3

this morning i have final exam on primary care clinic 
test on 5 special technique that are
slit lamp biomicroscopy
visual field-bjerrum screen
BIO-binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy

i'm in grup 1 for 1st session partner no 4 with rabi

overall i've do all my best
but i think only one technique i could pass
other technique might be fail
no worry
there will be retest if we fail

i hope IF i fail n need to repeat
i will do the very2 best and excellant
i want to prepare more

p/s: a few of my friends cried after the exam,
me..? of kos not la.. becos sy hati kuat.. x cun la kalau nangis2 ni
tapi final last year sy nangis, but result come out very excellant
ni x nangis x tau la result camner nt..huhuhu

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